State and Federal Criminal Defense

When you are facing one of the most stressful, terrifying, and intimidating experiences of your life because you have been accused of or are being charged with a criminal offense, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing your criminal defense attorney. The attorney who represents you must be knowledgeable in the law, confident in court, not afraid to stand up to the government, creative in seeking solutions, and most importantly, responsive to you as the client.

Our defense lawyers have considerable experience with state and federal crimes, including but not limited to drug offenses, white collar crimes, sex offenses, and violent crimes. We stand up to federal prosecutors in cases such as fraud, embezzlement, and securities violations involving millions of dollars. The success of the Blau Law Firm is based on an extraordinary review of the evidence, a comprehensive understanding of investigative procedures, and great expertise at trial. We only take a limited number of cases so we can dedicate the time necessary to do the very best for our clients.

For the most difficult cases, the Blau Law Firm devotes enormous time and attention to the details, often discovering the facts, circumstances, and themes that change the “feel” of the case. We have a reputation for fighting hard for our clients, and judges and opposing counsel know that we are thorough and prepared. This often provides for favorable resolutions without trial. In trial, our presentation to the jury is compelling and persuasive. When your freedom, your reputation, and your life are on the line, choose your lawyer wisely.

Civil Rights

Your civil rights are guaranteed by the United States Constitution and stand at the core of American democracy. From the individual who has been physcially abused by the police to a citizen who has been wrongfully retaliated against for exercising his right to free speech, we work hard to pursue justice, hold violators accountable and effectuate positive change in our community. The law does not tolerate civil rights violations and Blau Law Firm will not either.

We provide representation and dedicated service to victims of:

Police misconduct or police brutality

Police shootings

Prisoner abuse

Prison rape

Jail medical neglect

First Amendment rights violations


Our attorneys are dedicated to fight against ongoing attempts to erode our constitutionally guaranteed civil rights. If your rights have been violated, contact us today.

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